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Work, effort, motivation and enthusiasm


Our center has a team of professionals with many years of experience and up to date training. Which

means we adapt and evolve with new research, treatments and therapies. This allows us to offer the

Highest Quality Care available to our patients .

Please Allow us to introduce Our Team members :

Eva Bordas Buera




No. Col 13,445

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  • Lic. in Psychology

  • Speciality: Neuropsychology

  • Speciality: Forensic Psychology

  • Master: in Clinical and Social Psychogerontology

  • Specialization in Integrative Psychotherapy

  • Qualified as a General Health Psychologist

Carlos Canónigo Infante




No. Col 10,481

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  • Degree in Physiotherapy

  • Postgraduate: course in sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation

  • Training in manipulative and myotensive techniques of the spine, pelvis and EESS and EEII

  • Training in Myofacial Instrumental Fibrolysis

  • Basic course Basal stimulation

  • Formation of dry puncture

  • Neuromuscular bandage (Kinesiotaping)

  • Basic course ultrasound.

Ana copia.jpg

Ana Rodríguez Cros




No. Col 4491



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  • Diploma in Physiotherapy

  • Back School : Therapeutic Pilates, Hypopressives, and Functional Exercise

  • Training in dry puncture

  • Basic course Basal stimulation

  • Hypotherapy.

Cristina Ribé Casares




No. Col 7769

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  • Diploma in Physiotherapy

  • Postgraduate course in physiotherapy in neurology

  • Dry puncture training

  • Basic course ultrasound.


Cisco Duch Folch


Physiotherapist and Osteopath


No. Col 8942



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  • Diploma in Physiotherapy

  • Osteopathy

  • Training in valuation and treatment of the temporomandibular joint

  • Training in dry puncture

  • Evaluation and treatment of upper limb pathologies

Gemma copia.jpg

Gemma Marchena Angós




No. Col 13147

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  • Degree in Physiotherapy

  • Master in neurorehabilitation

  • Training "Neurological therapeutic intervention in patients with acquired brain damage"

  • Formation Dry puncture

  • Basic course ultrasound.

Rebeca Gaspar Colombo


Occupational Therapist


No. Col 076

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  • Diploma in Occupational Therapy

  • Master in Clinical Speech Therapy

  • Training in the Perfetti method

  • Basic course in basal stimulation

  • Postgraduate in Reflexology

  • Training in occupational therapy for the hand

  • Evaluation and treatment of dysphagia in adults with neurological damage


María Dolores Fabregat Miralles


Speech therapist


No. Col 08-4473

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  • Graduate in Speech Therapy

  • Master in specialization in speech therapy intervention.

  • Degree in Early childhood education, specialty in music.

  • Trained in the of oropharyngeal dysphagia in adults

  • Training in the treatment of reading and writing and language difficulties.

  • Training in exploration tools for pediatric swallowing disorders



The most important thing is your HEALTH.

      Centre d'atenció multidisciplinar. 

      Avda. Marquès de Montoliu,14

      43002, Tarragona


       Tel. +34 877 05 81 30

              640 10 20 58




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